So let me set the scene…Monday evening 7:30 pm-ish I was hanging up the kids laundry in their room while they were playing in the floor. There was only a few toys on the floor because I had just cleaned. K had Iron Man’s fire blast (a small 2 inch long toy approx a fingers width around) I asked P to take it from her and he did his usual snatch from her and I went back to hanging their clothes. 10-15 minutes goes by and K had crawled across the floor and was now playing with a different toy when she began to make a choking, gagging sound. First reaction, swipe her mouth with my finger, a usual for K as she is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth these days. But nothing!! She keeps choking so I start beating her back and go running for Gma. K threw up her peas from earlier and kept choking while she had a ton on spit bubble covered slobber pouring out of her mouth, around her eyes turning red and watering. Gma called 911, the fire truck showed up and by then she was acting okay. They said they recommended an ambulance ride to the hospital to check her out, so we did! Had an xray done but being a possible plastic toy it is not visible on an xray so after hours of waiting at Cooks Children’s we were told it will probably pass. We had her “diaper rash” checked out again and it is actually MSRA (a staff infection) and she has possible ring worm or just dry skin don’t know for sure yet. So we left the hospital, got home around 12:30-1 am started looking for the toy and still no where to be found. Thankfully though Gma found it yesterday morning so we do not know if K swallowed some mystery item or if it is possible she was “choking” on well her own spit?? All is fine she seems to be pooping regular and we are creaming her up for the MSRA and possbile ring worm. Oh boy Mommy had her first ambulance ride with K so thought it would be P. All is well now but thought I would share with everyone.

Been so Long…

OMG it feels like forever since I have had time to write…2 kids definitely more work ;) Karsyn had her 6 month well baby yesterday and we were all so shocked she is 14 lbs 15.6 oz and 26.5 inches it just sounds sooo big!!! I went back this morning and looked at Preston’s 6 month figures he was the exact same length and 5.6 oz smaller in weight. We were all so sure Karsyn was bigger but I guess it just shows how quickly you forget. Now only 2 weeks till Karsyn gets her ears pierced, YAY!!! We talked to the pediatrician yesterday about Preston he has been having night terrors again on a daily basis. Apparently there is nothing we can do but let him grow out of them they are normal for some kids he said. Got a print out of some info and gonna have to start doing some tough love discipline to try and break the tantrums he is throwing and to get him to lay down to sleep alone. Gonna be some loooong days coming up. Overall Preston is great though, he has started eating again and gained almost a pound in 2 weeks. Wes has been in vacation this week, we decided to do a stay-cation since the kids are so young and we are going on a 3 night “vacation” to Austin for Steven Joe’s wedding with no kids!! It will be my first time to leave either of my babies but I know it will be best for me & them just wish Gma luck I hope they behave :) This last week we have been to Legoland, Rainforest Cafe, The Dallas World Aquarium, Jump Houses, Hawaiian Falls, and so many fun places it was the greatest, Preston had a blast!!! We are all doing great just enjoying the little things in life, they are the greatest!!


So I have waited a few days because well I was in disbelief but Karsyn is pretty much sitting!! I’m sooo sad and happy at the same time. She is good for 5 minutes or so if there are no distractions. She is good at catching herself when she starts to wobble but if you are standing above her or if Preston distracts her she will still fall over. I can’t believe 5 months and she is already sitting. It will make some things easier though, just can’t believe how big she is getting!! Preston is a wonderful big brother, he is getting better at sharing but it is still a daily struggle. He is still as stubborn as can be with everything but he is shocking us every day with new words like mustache and ladder that we never knew he knew. Still can’t believe they are growing so fast, just means I must be getting old ;)

1 week pediatrician appt

Karsyn had her 1 week pediatrician appt today. All is well she is now 20 in long, grew a little over 1 in in 1 week, and is 6 lb 9.5 oz so she is well over her birth weight already. The dr said she looks perfect and because she has already gained so much weight we don;t go back till she is 1 month old. Karsyn is doing perfect, take her in for her 2nd newborn screening tomorrow and then we are done with appts for a bit.

Bilirubin check up appt

Went back to the hospital today for Karsyn’s bilirubin check up and lactation consultation. All is well her bilirubin/Jaundice level is in the low risk zone. The nurse said no worries she is looking good. We weighed her to see how much she is eating etc. She was born 6 lbs 4.5 oz, left the hospital saturday at 6 lbs 2.2 oz and today she weighed 6 lbs 5.8 oz. She has already passed her birth weight and I was told this is very good. The nurse then weighed her again after she nursed and she took 1 1/2 oz of milk in one feeding and only nursed on one side. I guess we have ourselves a little eater :) All is well Preston is enjoying his new sister and even tried to say Karsyn today. He is being so sweet he just doesn’t realize he is a little to rough still but working on it.

39 week prenatal appt

Had our 39 week prenatal appt today, Karsyn’s heart rate was 148, I gained 8 lbs in the last week now sitting @ 146 lbs. OB is concerned that I gained weight but my belly measurement shrunk 6 cm. Apparently is quite a bit. All is well though she is still moving we are just watching her weight closer. No change in dilation or effacement. Just waiting for Karsyn. Will keep everyone posted!!

38 week prenatal appt

Had our 38 week prenatal appt today, lost 1 lb no 138 lbs. All is well my OB keeps asking if I want to schedule an induction and I keep telling him no. I don;t understand why some doctors are so willing to induce. I am waiting no rush even as miserable as it can be some times. All is well we have stalled at 1.5 dilated and 30% effaced but we will see hopefully something will happen before next monday. Just waiting for Karsyn to decide to drop and come.


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